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ZingPlay - Game bai - Game co

ZingPlay - Game bai - Game co

Requirements : Android 2.1+
File Size : 7.80 mb
Latest Version : 2.2
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Description of ZingPlay - Game bai - Game co

Port is the port ZingPlay gaming entertainment platform game first launched in Vietnam, players can download the software on the Client Zing Play to play, can also be played directly on the Web and on mobile players with Us Android.

Entertaining game portal with many famous ZingPlay selection of games for players, if all rich game genre with approximately Infantry Grey (Mau Binh - Binh), southern Tien Len, I am (Phỏm), Texas Poker (Poker Hold'em- US Poker - Poker US), Hong Kong Poker (Poker to), the game is equally flag next to the flag category Caro, Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).

With a beautiful interface, effects, vivid sound, game play smooth on most operating systems, ports ZingPlay gaming software has become an indispensable favorite for gamers to experience the thrill , interesting.


The contact information for BDH ZingPlay gaming portal as needed to support:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fanpagezingplay
- ZingMe: http://me.zing.vn/b/play
- Support: http://hotro1.zing.vn/zing-play/san-pham_154__0.html
- Home: http://play.zing.vn


The new version suitable for all models Android> 2.1 including Galaxy Y, and completely free!
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