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PikPark- Graphic & Logo Design

PikPark- Graphic & Logo Design

Author : PikPark Inc.
Requirements : Android 2.3.2+
File Size : 91.61 mb
Latest Version : 1.1
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Description of PikPark- Graphic & Logo Design

PikPark lets users create art, logos, and graphic designs, share those designs with the world, and have them printed on over 100 types of custom products such as footwear, phone cases, household goods, stickers, skateboards, bags, etc.

PikPark has many of the tools and capabilities found in complex graphic design programs yet it can be easily used and enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

Once downloaded you will have access to over 300 graphics, 55 fonts, your device photo album, and various editing tools that make creativity and expression fun and simple!

Designs are created in the app using a layering method. To get started on your art, logo, graphic, or design, simply select a font, graphic, or photo from your device to add to the artboard. Then, use the various editing tools to manipulate your new layer. Each graphic, font, and photo you add, will appear on the right side of the screen in the layer column. Lower layers in the column will appear on the artboard beneath newly added layers. You can reorder layers by selecting them and then dragging them up or down the column.

Once you are done creating your masterpiece, share your art, graphic, logo or design, with others via email, text, or through social media apps.

But don’t stop there, you can also select “Rock It” to purchase merchandise featuring your design. PikPark can be used to create products for fundraisers, family functions, business events, or to design gifts or your own personalized merchandise.

Are you interested in creating your own products or merchandise to sell? Create your art, logo, or graphic design in PikPark to see it on various products. You can then share your design with others by sending them a link to your product or by creating your own online Zazzle store for free.

Helpful Hints: Once on the Zazzle product page scroll to the bottom and select "full desktop site" to access all of Zazzle's design options. Also, if you experience issues using the "Rock It" function in the app please ensure you are not still logged on to Zazzle from a previous use, if you are the link may not work as it should and you may have to delete your browsing history.

Follow us, see what others are creating, and share some of your own creations @: www.facebook.com/pikparkapp

Please contact support@PikPark.com with questions or feedback.

**Please note that PikPark Inc. does not claim ownership of the art or font types used in the app.

Download now and start creating your own art, graphic, or logo and design custom products and merchandise for the world to see!
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