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صراع الهوامير

صراع الهوامير

Author : 5688game
Requirements : Android 2.3.2+
File Size : 79.23 mb
Latest Version : 3.0.0
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Description of صراع الهوامير

Ramadan Kareem and every year and you is fine, O Arab warriors, and welcome to the game of adventure and pirates and authentic Arab wars, game trade, sailing, military strategies deadly and where you will be fleet-Harbi and commercial invincible and Stozvon them famous personalities and captains Arab and international such as Sinbad and Salahuddin then Stthdon in union with other players to occupy them more than 90 Arab and global port such as Jeddah, Bahrain, Aden and more in the wars of the unions in the only system to play and the most dangerous in style in the world of games.

|| The game features ||

● Play the free at any time and place and Hdayakm will remain constant over time with you
● defied and Althmwa and fought the most dangerous players and the players and the most professional in the Arab world and face to face the challenges in the yard
● traded around the world and discovered the true meaning of Commerce and Business Administration wisely and intelligently to become a folk masters of the wealthy
● Be corps and fleets of warships and powerful Slhohm well Tmataroa fire Mdavekm the world and prove that you are the strongest among all
● possessed months and the greatest personalities and Arab and international captains such as Sinbad and commander Salah al-Din and Columbus and more
● Challenge Cup, the ring, the Institute Harbi and all Maiktr to your mind of the individual battles PVP awaits you in Alhoamir conflict
● collective cells, Monsters unions, the looting of treasures and Knorr pirates and this is a fraction of the collective challenges that await you
● wars distinctive unions, serious and very interesting system RPG developed - not suitable for non-professional
● chat sophisticated and comprehensive with more than 99 office and emoji Marah Have the talks and Allonash and evening with friends
● support system and outstanding customer service in a manner direct support and continued to nag you to our veterans that you are in our eyes, and between good hands
√thazir: The game is addictive and gifts which are large Khtearerrr

For any inquiry or help, Cheer and Ptlqona always at your service within the game via the support center and outside through
Game Page - http://www.gltornado.com
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/ClashOfPiratesArb
INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/clashofpirates
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