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Tam Quốc Bùm Chíu

Tam Quốc Bùm Chíu

Author : Right4fun
Requirements : Android 2.3.2+
File Size : 51.19 mb
Latest Version : Right4fun
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Description of Tam Quốc Bùm Chíu

Three Kingdoms RPG mobile game Boom Chíu the tactical tower defense with three national context and character designer kute.

Stylish game:

Crisp graphics, epic battle
--- Special effects of splendid abilities, character design cute details.

Strongest defensive formation with 4-player career no loophole
--- The French Fort Supply, close grip technique, magnificent skills! Prime attractive tower, dramatic constantly! Brings you an unprecedented experience!

Many paths to climbing the hegemony
--- Armed pompous, steed myth, legend Sao levels, interesting ancient church, martial spirit helps you step up legal protection path of hegemony!

Heroes meet, winners king, classic PVP impending!
--- Monumental skill, ball shaped restraint occupation, martial signature!

Hundreds of famous generals wear you dictate, together make up the legend!
--- Lu Bu marketing director, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu dance supremacy of people, who will be the legendary martial? You decide to go!

Proved the hero! Let it see the face of the greatest fish!
--- Force war, conquest, Fate, resource rich, fine women adorn personality help you! Causing the galaxy to bow down surrender!

Express mobile gaming legend least 2015 appointment mates battle!

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Email: tamquoc@pocketgamesol.com
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tamquocbumchiu/
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamquocbumchiu/
Website: http://tamquoc.pocketgamesol.com/

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