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Mộng Giang Hồ - Mong Giang Ho

Mộng Giang Hồ - Mong Giang Ho

Author : MEM Store
Requirements : Android 3.0+
File Size : 49.47 mb
Latest Version : 1.5.8
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Description of Mộng Giang Hồ - Mong Giang Ho

Mong Jiang Hu (MGH) - Excellence hottest leading swordplay genre 2015. A role-playing game (RPG) - tactical (Strategy) game on mobile with distinctive gameplay and unique VN today.

What would you do to the throne hegemony proclaimed martial intelligent master list? What do you do before a Gypsy waves, chaos pants hero? Everyone always needs a story to an end! And you will be the one who wrote the ending to Mong Jiang Hu.

Deserving is an encyclopedia about swordplay Kim Dung, Mong Jiang Hu (MGH) is where the reproduction of all swordplay novels Kim Dung from the Condor Heroes, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Condor Heroes , the Smiling, Proud Wanderer ... the most authentic way. You will have the opportunity to share the same pilot martial Guo Province, Huang Rong, Yang Too, Bruce Female, Dongfang Bubai, Zhang Wuji, command Around Lake, Zhou Zhiruo, Xie Xun, Qiao Feng, Hu Truc ...

As a leading swordplay masterpiece, game Mong Jiang Hu (MGH) also offers a range of functions that can not be ignored, such as:

*** Battlefield fierce martial arts extravaganza.
*** Capacity LIGHTWEIGHT, multi-platform support, can play with GPRS.
*** Special extremely "Easy Play" - A finger - Swipe the War.
*** System Hiep Vo huge, with hundreds of hotels in Kim Dung Agreement stories can turn diversity.
*** Dramatic tactical gameplay and brain weight, depending on how the players build martial combat brigades that make up the hegemony and beautiful.
*** With hundreds of martial arts moves, Mong Jiang Hu (MGH) is considered
"Encyclopedia of Associations for Kim Dung"
*** The system is not only feature-rich, but also closely related to each other to create unique recipes to help the Association Guest cast respected martial arts moves in the world of Gypsy injury swordplay Kim Dung.
*** Guest Assistance Agreement War: The Association delivered a guest to accompany Gypsy, they are the workhorse that you can win the enemy!
*** Beautiful graphics, vivid detail, the reproduction of the battles fought in the world of wuxia Kim Dung.
*** The player is on the emotional level hi - it - AI - Wanderer in the same dream

Reference information more at:
Home: http://mong.mobo.vn
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/monggiangho.mecorp
Support: + 84-1900-6611
Email: hotro.mong@mobo.vn

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